1. Access to my own personal data.... Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!! Stop that !

  2. Ability to redact sensitive data from a signed document

  3. Pdf should have time bound password facility for data privacy and security

  4. Add support for more types of data to submitForm method

  5. Put dates on these requests and the responses so people can understand when they were done?

  6. Don't capture bcc data when converting Outlook emails to PDF  ·  Under review

  7. Option to HIDE email data from header using Outlook PDF Conversion  ·  Under review

  8. Acrobat on macOS consistently CRASHES silently: DATA LOSS while saving a file

  9. Hundreds of people have reported this, and no responses, comments list pops up every time annotations are clicked

  10. Bug: Cannot save data to form fields completed in Acrobat DC, even with "Enable more tools" option turned on.

  11. The app asks me to turn on mobile data everytime I open it

  12. Password Protection Enhancement and to Encrypt the Data within the PW Protected PDF. 3rd Party applications can remove PW Protection

  13. 'Insufficient data for an image' keeps appearing on PDF files on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC and Adobe Acrobat XI Pro  ·  Declined

  14. Feature request for compliance - allow Canadian customers to store Adobe cloud-hosted data/content in AWS's Canadian servers

  15. Que os Grupos Adobe Sign acumulem no resultado de relatórios o somatório de todos participantes do grupo, não só a partir da data de criação

  16. allow printing of all data in text box even if it exceeds the amount visible on the display.  ·  Declined

  17. Our company needs to occassionally ADD text and/or data on our PDF's. unable to locate on new platform

  18. Adobe Forms: "From" field missing enclosing quotes on Export to CSV

  19. Adobe pfd editor  ·  Need Info

  20. Boolean with Exact Phrase(s)  ·  Under review

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