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    Hi Joel,
    We are always working to make it a better of experience for our accessibility customers.
    We’ll be adding the support of Undo/Redo in order panels and Reading Order Tool in our coming releases.
    Can you please tell me why you need the Tags Panel and Reading Order to be merged.


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    Mike Craghead commented  · 

    I agree with the general sentiment: I've become pretty good at remediation but the learning curve was nutty, and I think it's a bit much to ask of folks whose brains are wired better for other tasks. I'm seeing a few expensive but effective products on the market which seem to have figured out how to automate many of the more labor-intensive tasks we're asked to perform in Acrobat, especially noticeable when there are hundreds of instances of the same problem (as seen in PAC3, for instance). My guess is that five years from now, accessibility will be a breeze. For the moment though, we're stuck with some serious clunkiness.

    Here's one item that would help a lot of folks:
    The tags panel is what most Assistive Tech pays attention to when establishing reading order, but the content panel, reading order panel and reading order "tool" (formerly TURO) are all easier to use than the tags panel. I believe they've been linked and unlinked from one another over the years, so now changes made in one panel are not reliably reflected in the others. It may be a pipe dream, but it seems like with a little programming smarts, Adobe could deliver a way to sync them all based on any one of them, either manually (via a button) or automatically, like, make a change and it is reflected across all panels.

    For example, we could drag items around in the content panel, then press "set reading order based on content panel." The (formerly) TURO popup would have a similar feature, so the little numbers in the corner of each "gray box" would actually matter. And of course the order panel (as in, the one in the stack with the tags panel) would have the same feature.

    I think heard a rumor that the order panel might be going away (again, not the TURO but the panel by the tags and such, in the left column). If it truly can't be given "teeth," as in, if it can't be used to re-order the Tags panel, then sure, lets' ditch it. But if it could be beefed up so it actually does what it looks like it does, then lets' keep it. Because the Tags panel requires a lot of expanding to figure out what's what, which makes it harder to use for sorting reading order.