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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Your just benefiting from the fact that you don’t have much competition in PDF editing software.

    It there was another program that did the same things as Acrobat, I’d seriously consider changing software.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I completely agree with almost all the previous comments. The new version of Acrobat is a step backwards... a BIG step backwards. I don’t understand why a company that has always allowed much greater user customization, to basically make Acrobat an small improvement over basic Adobe Reader? Plus, charging me a hefty monthly subscription price to boot.

    The toolbars should be much more customizable. They should allow for multiple rows of icons, icon size and spacing should be more customizable and you should have the option of a “classic” style with colored icons.

    I spend way too much time looking for icons. Icons that used to “speed editing up” not slow it down searching for the right icon, several clicks away.

    Acrobat now feels like a dumbed down version of what was once a great program.

    Let power users be power users. Don’t hold us back to the lowest common denominator user.

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