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    Paul E Lynch commented  · 

    Default is bad site get out soon that way make MARKET of ideal video call we applying to me look stop use guides lines from Google and started by-laws for digital studio scarf site is TV operator use flash drive thing started look up manual is way I'm use I void that branch, last night GETHUD kick out because I would cost people to lose there SITES I made rare proccer wireless printer's I open inside PRINTER and set by-laws inside the PDF .SO INSTEP SAMSUNG HACK SITE INPUT PRINTER TO SHOW THAT LOOK LIKE I GOT APP THERE BUT IT'S IN ONE SPEACE THE TRUE PRINTER IS ROBOTICS BLACK PRINTER START GROVERMENT LAY OUT FORMS THAT FILL THE BY-LAWS AND REGULATIONS FCC KERNEAL PAULEDWARDLYNCH5.1 KERNEAL .NET SITE AI REPORT CASE PARENTHOOD NYC PAULEDWARDLYNCH ÁKERNEAL DROID NOT ANDROID MAC CUT THERE SOURCES OUT MAC 15.0 FULL CAPABLE

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab® E-mail address invite Serif fonts art work 1080p Development framework 210rss pass PAULEDWARDLYNCH filled 


    "ns": "yt",
    "el": "embedded",
    "cpn": "ZcLaylshz_DbmWRT",
    "docid": "Wsic12MXlsc",
    "ver": 2,
    "referrer": "",
    "cmt": "112.189",
    "ei": "W5byXqzPMsWmDanas_AP",
    "fmt": "248",
    "fs": "0",
    "rt": "286.842",
    "of": "GC6OCn1lTVgpgJyrp2hYjw",
    "euri": "",
    "lact": 364,
    "cl": "317565821",
    "mos": 0,
    "state": "c44",
    "volume": 100,
    "subscribed": "1",
    "cver": "20200623",
    "cplayer": "UNIPLAYER",
    "cbr": "Chrome",
    "cbrver": "83.0.4103.106",
    "cos": "X11",
    "autoplay": "1",
    "hl": "en_US",
    "cr": "US",
    "len": "137.901",
    "fexp": "23744176,23804281,23827039,23837040,23839597,23856950,23859802,23866662,23869124,23877025,23882503,23884386,23885574,23886825,23887427,23892344,23895671,23896574,23900513,23900838,23901904,23903558,23906093,23907595,23909010,23909153,23909160,23912287,23914260,23914626,23914854,23917633,24303619,24590164,3300110,3300134,3313321,3318631,9449243",
    "afmt": "251",
    "size": "506:900",
    "inview": "1",
    "conn": "3",
    "vct": "112.189",
    "vd": "137.901",
    "vpl": "",
    "vbu": "0.000-137.901",
    "vpa": "1",
    "vsk": "0",
    "ven": "0",
    "vpr": "1",
    "vrs": "4",
    "vns": "2",
    "vec": "null",
    "vemsg": "",
    "vvol": "1",
    "vdom": "1",
    "vsrc": "1",
    "vw": 900,
    "vh": 506,
    "creationTime": 291137.10000005085,
    "totalVideoFrames": 46,
    "droppedVideoFrames": 0,
    "corruptedVideoFrames": 0,
    "lct": "112.189",
    "lsk": false,
    "lmf": false,
    "lbw": "2175741.603",
    "lhd": "1.122",
    "lst": "423.996",
    "laa": "itag=251,type=3,seg=13,range=1880054-2040432,time=130.0-137.9,off=0,len=160379,end=1,eos=1",
    "lva": "itag=248,type=3,seg=25,range=15155572-15625779,time=133.5-137.8,off=0,len=470208,end=1,eos=1",
    "lar": "itag=251,type=3,seg=13,range=1880054-2040432,time=130.0-137.9,off=0,len=160379,end=1,eos=1",
    "lvr": "itag=248,type=3,seg=25,range=15155572-15625779,time=133.5-137.8,off=0,len=470208,end=1,eos=1",
    "lab": "0.000-137.901",
    "lvb": "0.000-137.886",
    "ismb": 17530000,
    "relative_loudness": "-3.540",
    "optimal_format": "1080p",
    "user_qual": "hd1080",
    "debug_videoId": "Wsic12MXlsc",
    "0sz": false,
    "op": "",
    "yof": true,
    "dis": "",
    "gpu": "Adreno_(TM)_306",
    "cgr": true,
    "debug_playbackQuality": "hd1080",
    "debug_date": "Tue Jun 23 2020 18:59:58 GMT-0500 (Central Daylight Time)"
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