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    We are delighted to share with you that Acrobat and Reader Desktop release for DC Continuous (21.007.20091) is Live now and this Takes care of the Feature Request to Change the Display Size of the Acrobat without changing the Scaling/Resolution of the machine. This can be Done from “View” → “Display Size”. For now this is avaialble for windows only.

    More Info Here : and go to “Change Acrobat Display Size”

    Please update your Acrobat (It should Auto update or you should do Help → Check for updates) and let us know your Feedback.

    Ayush Jain

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    dex commented  · 

    LOL to changing display size. Thank you so much for this incredible, groundbreaking update!

    At this point I'm convinced that the people at Adobe are just mocking their users.
    Virtually every other PDF applications I've tried has been more UI-customizable than Suckrobat.

    dex supported this idea  · 
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    dex commented  · 

    Is anyone surprised that most suggestions on this feedback forum are about the clunky, wasteful, and very user-unfriendly toolbars we've had to live with for a looooong long time? I pretty much agree with all the suggestions - I hate the large buttons, half of which I don’t even use, and can’t be removed.

    We need more customization. We need a toolbar that's made with productivity and efficiency in mind. Need smaller buttons, which we can move around. We need a fully customizeable ribbon!

    Take M$ Word for example - you can create a whole new ribbon tab and fill it with anything you can think of, and you can also hide it when not in use. Not to mention the extra quick access bar, which you can also hide at will.
    Think about it - if a ****** company like M$ was able to create this almost 8 years ago (and even before then the Office menus were already pretty customizeable), why can't Adobe give us something a little more functional than a few large static buttons that are wasting space?

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    dex commented  · 

    100% agree with the OP. This has been one of my biggest annoyances with DC.
    I view most PDfs in half screen. When I do that, almost half of the tools menu space is overtaken by those HUUGE buttons 'Home, Tools, Documents', and the others on the right side. It's ridiculous.

    Here's something else. If I enable tabs in Acrobat, then the pdf tabs replace the quick tools next to the Home/Tools/Document bar, and the quick tools are then moved to a separate bar under the tabs. In that case I can use a LOT more tools. The problems with that is that I don't want to use tabs, I just want to view PDFs in separate Acrobat windows, and still have the full tools bar.

    I NEVER use the Home, Document, or Sign In buttons. Please make the menu customizable so we can shape it to our taste.

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