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    We are delighted to share with you that Acrobat and Reader Desktop release for DC Continuous (21.007.20091) is Live now and this Takes care of the Feature Request to Change the Display Size of the Acrobat without changing the Scaling/Resolution of the machine. This can be Done from “View” → “Display Size”. For now this is avaialble for windows only.

    More Info Here : and go to “Change Acrobat Display Size”

    Please update your Acrobat (It should Auto update or you should do Help → Check for updates) and let us know your Feedback.

    Ayush Jain

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    Kiran L Bhayani,
    "...change is always difficult. Let us breach our comfort zone and think out of box.
    ...once we explore options patiently things are better an nicer. "

    - No offense, but we hardly need an Adobe cheerleader to tell users to just get over the change and move on, and tell us to use the woefully inadequate QuickTools, which has been addressed in this thread more than once. If people were happy with it, they wouldn't be complaining, and simply putting up probably isn't the best way to get you anything useful, ever.

    Quick Tools has an extremely limited set of tools that are of any use - essentially it has only leftover buttons that are not already in other menus on the same toolbar. The stuff outside of Quick Tools is the real problem. E.g. right click to enable File Tools, Edit Tools, Navigation Tools, Display, etc. - a lot of those shortcuts are essential to display on the bar for easy navigation, and they take up most of the space on that bar, BUT those are not customizable i.e. cannot be arranged so that you can always view the most used ones on the left. Since those buttons already take most of the bar space for me, there's almost no space left for anything else I may find useful in QuickTools (definitely no space when I view a pdf on a half screen instead of full screen).
    Also, ALL of the buttons are just too big, with lots of wasted space around and between them, and are also slow and not very responsive to mouse clicks. The buttons are also not well delimited, so sometimes it's difficult to tell if you've actually clicked on the button or on empty space.

    So you see, Quick Tools may be a little more customizable than the rest of the toolbar, but all the essentials are elsewhere and already take all the space, so QT is almost useless. Suggesting to use Quick Tools just misses the mark, and is definitely not "thinking out of the box".

    At a minimum Adobe should implement a standard configurable menu that you see in any other professional developer tool like Photoshop etc. where you can enable/disable/move around dockable panels. If BlueBeam has done that for their PDF editor, what does that tell you?

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