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    Rick commented  · 

    Hi Folks

    I have fixed my excessive RAM problem with Acrobat DC on my mac running High Sierra, and hoping I can help others out with my find.
    Here is how I did it:

    Quit Acrobat DC

    Go to HD/Users/user/Library/Preferences

    you will see an "Adobe" Folder
    In there you will see a folder called "DC" - move the whole folder out and put it somewhere else on your mac.

    Now find these files in the preferences folder and move them out too:


    Acrobat Distiller Prefs

    Acrobat WebCapture Prefs


    I just created a folder on my desktop called Acrobat DC Preferences and moved everything into that.

    Now open Creative Cloud, click on Apps tab, and look for Acrobat DC
    Where it says “Open” click on the arrow next to it and select “Manage” then uninstall.

    It will ask for your admin password and also ask if you would like to uninstall any older versions.

    You have to say yes to uninstall older versions, or it won’t complete the uninstall.

    Once this is done, look for Acrobat DC in the list again and click the update button.

    Acrobat DC will now install again.

    Once that has completed, install your Pitstop if applicable.

    I have been using Acrobat DC now for a few days, with no issues.
    I’ve kept Activity Monitor open to keep and eye out.
    I’ve noticed if i open a big file, the memory increases and when in close the file it drops back down again.

    No more 45gb of RAM being used if i have it open for an hour.
    I’ve had it open all day now, checking files, pit stopping files, organising pages and the MEMORY in Activity Monitor, is staying consistent.

    Hope this is useful for other people out there having problems with this issue.

    Rick supported this idea  · 
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    Rick commented  · 

    I've recently updated my 2012 iMac to High Sierra, so I can run CC 2019 and my Acrobat DC was making my system run out of memory and everything running slow and constant spinning balls.
    The only way round it i have found it to uninstall DC and install X1. Luckily Pitstop 18 works fine on X1. Since i have been running X1 with DC uninstalled, my mac hasn't slowed down once and no spinning balls whatsoever. How can this have been going on for over a year and still under review?
    It's not good that you have to downgrade your application, that you are paying a huge subscription for, just so you can do your job at a normal pace rather than a snails pace, due to buggy software.
    Come on Adobe, sort it out!!!

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