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    billD commented  · 

    Just to keep this thread alive(?), I now also have this issue but my situation may be a bit more complex and unfortunately don't see a good resolution on this forum. In a galaxy far away, I purchased LR CC without Acrobat DC because I already owned Acrobat Std DC. Thus, I'm frequently reminded that there are updates to DC-- but the few times I've tried to update, the new installation assumes it has just installed a new copy of DC CC, reassigns me into Free Trial status, and asks for my activation code. Resolving this usually consumes 1hr+ to track down the original install pkg for Standalone CC and get back to work. SO--I've learned to avoid updating Acrobat DC. BUT now I'm having the magical-disappearing-Acrobat syndrome, usually within the first minute of opening, presto, it's gone without a trace. I'm speculating that that's just about enough time for an online activation check, a conflicting response, and then the plug gets pulled. Alternatively, the sinister software AI waits until I think I've got a stable window and have done ~3-4 actions to the document--and then pulls the plug for maximum frustration effect. On a good (bad) day, it may do this up to 3 times before it gets tired of the joke. Help me, Obi Wan Adobe.
    [Std DC 2015.006.30497, WIN10].

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