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    Amkh Jogr commented  · 

    "In continuation of my December 2020 comment, I am in favor of multiple tool bars, but I have worked around in a different way. In white area of toolbar, right click, in drop down list click customize quick tools. Select a feature you want, and add using +. On the tool bar ... when clicked shows your selected features. Clicking a feature will bring up corresponding tool bar for use. it would be nice to have customized tool bar, but this is better than nothing. I am not cheering Adobe for making us look for work around, but we have to adapt what we got."

    Yes - you are correct - however the main problem is that the "share" button, the "provide feedback" button, the "help" button, the "notifications" and the "profile and settings" button CANNOT be hidden.

    What's worse - adobe chooses not to refer to these as being "in" the toolbar - so if you ask how to get these off - they simply refer you to the process you state - which is of corse not to address the issue at all.

    If we could "hide" these 5 fu<k!ng useless buttons, Adobe would be far more user-friendly - and able to share a screen with other applications without hiding the toolbar option that we DO use......

    ... but as adobe is full of non-thinking half-wits who blatantly CHOOSE to ignore simple customer comments and feedback - we are stuck with whatever some incompetant has decided we HAVE to pretend is a "feature"..........

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    Amkh Jogr commented  · 

    There is also the added problems of people using the forms differently than how you want them to.

    For instance - I use Acrobat to draw up forms to get information from clients.

    I prefer that my client email these completed forms back to me - not through adobe cloud or google cloud or whatever - I need a direct record of communications with my clients (as stipulated by Law in my industry) and email is the best way to do this.

    However the "share" button is unfortunately visible on EVERY document.
    ...meaning i very opten have to get them to send it to me again.

    If I'm not going to use something, or if I do not want "features" used - I should be able to hide them.

    It just is NOT a hard ask.
    It just is NOT a hard thing to make them "hide-able"
    It WAS a stupid decision to make them "un-hide-able"

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    Amkh Jogr commented  · 

    The DESIGN FAULT where the user has no ability to REMOVE the following "garbage icons":

    the "share" button,
    the "feedback" button,
    the "learn adobe" button,
    the "notifications" button and
    the "Profile/settings" button.

    This is regardless whether these icons are big and blue or smaller and grey.

    It should not be "confusing" or need explanation -
    Making an icon smaller and/or changing it's colour does NOT REMOVE it.
    Making an icon smaller and/or changing it's colour does NOT RESOLVE this design fault.

    Doing nothing, but saying that you did, does not magically make something happen.

    Amkh Jogr supported this idea  · 
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    Amkh Jogr commented  · 

    Anonymous commented · October 25, 2019 02:11 · Flag as inappropriate
    Yes, would be great if the main toolbar allows hiding of Home, Tools, Document, Share, Provide feedback, Help, Notifications buttons (that's 7 buttons I almost never used). to have more space for the tools. I wish it didn't hide the zoom buttons and zoom number dropdown as the window gets smaller (I often work with multiple windows next to each other). Yes, the other (hovering) toolbar has that function, but I don't like it hiding my document, and appearing and disappearing.


    Adobe seem to think you are not allowed to use any other application while you have "their's open......

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    Amkh Jogr commented  · 

    I have just seen an email - and here it is again:

    Arpit Agrawal commented · October 16, 2019 18:37 · Flag as inappropriate

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We are delighted to share with you that Acrobat and Reader Desktop release for DC Continuous (2019.012.20036) is Live now & With this Oct Release we have Added some Customization features for the top bar in Acrobat. Please find below Details for the same :

    1. Quick Tools Cluster Is Draggable now
    If you want to have the Quick tools on the Top Bar in left Position It can be achieved by Dragging them on top bar to left side. Doing this quick tools will not be hidden on Re-Sizing the window.

    2. Customization of Tools in HUD
    Now users can customize the tools present in HUD as per there preferences. Right Click on Top bar and Unselect the Tool which you would like to remove from the HUD. Similarly you can check the Tool you want to add in HUD,

    Please refer for more details

    Please Feel free to reach out in case of any queries.


    What contempt.
    It does NOT address the topic.

    The topic is to be able to remove "share", "feedback", "Learn Adobe", "Notifications" and "Profile and settings" if we wish to.

    These (NEVER USED) options use up too much space and DO NOT BELONG where they are.

    Repeatedly telling us about other things simply show a complete lack of professionalism at best.

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