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Right-click > Mark as Checked

In Acrobat 9, it was very easy to mark a comment as checked. You simply right-clicked on it and chose "Mark with Checkmark." Alternatively, there were also two different places in the Handy Commenting Toolbar to mark the comment as checked.

Sadly, in Acrobat X and going forward, the right-click > Mark as Checked feature was removed, as was the handy Commenting toolbar. So now the only way to mark something as checked is in the giant comment list (which is now by default vertical, as opposed to horizontal.

Instead, Acrobat has moved the only option for commenting over to the comments pane. So in order to mark a comment as checked, you always have to have the comments pane open. But if you need to use other tools in Acrobat during the course if commenting, you'll have to keep switching back and forth to get to the Comments PAIN.

To make matters worse, the checkbox is only visible if you have the comment selected. So if I need to check off a bunch of comments at once, I have to select a comment, then check it off, then select the next comment, then check it off.

But the contrast is so low between the selected comment and the unselected comments that it's often hard to find the right one in the comments pane. Plus, the colors in the comments pane have absolutely nothing to do with the colors of the comments themselves. In Acrobat DC, each AUTHOR gets a different color in the comments pane. The comments pane totally disregards the color of the comment itself.

Please Add "Mark as Checked" back to the right click contextual menu.

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  • Kelly Vaughn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    While you added a keyboard shortcut, it's useless if my text cursor is within a comment. Why not use Command or control instead of Shift? Despite the fact that you say this issue it has been resolved, it most certainly has not.

    Please add the function back to the right click menu, as I describe in the original feature request. You competitors have this function.

  • Kelly Vaughn commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    That helps, but it didn't add the option to make as checked back into the contextual menu. Why not have both? AND have an empty checkbox in the comment itself (visible without having to click on each and every single comment) so that people new to commenting will actually KNOW that they CAN mark something as checked.

    Put it in the contextual menu both in the comments pane as well as on the page itself. Why make it harder for people?

    Also, I like that you've added the keyboard shortcut, but how are people supposed to know about that, other than by reading the release notes? Why not add that in the contextual menu as well right behind "Mark as checked"?

  • AdminArvind Yadav (Admin, Adobe) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Dear User,

    Please note that a new keyboard shortcut has been introduced in Adobe Acrobat DC to add Checkmark. the shortcut is "Shift+k".
    Please follow the steps-
    -Open any PDF and load comment app
    -Select one or more comments
    -Now press the keys "Shift+k"
    Checkmarks will be added to the selected comments.
    Same keyboard shortcut is used to remove the checkmarks if the comments already checkmarked.

    Please let us know if it helps.


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